Outdoor Pole Banners are the ones you see hanging from the side of lamp posts and street posts, with the top and bottom of the banners secured via pole pockets to rods affixed on the sides of poles, or, if it is a large vinyl banner, finished with pole pockets on the top and bottom and grommets in all four corners so that it can be used in a parade or as a hanging banner.

If you are uploading a print-ready design, please create your artwork to reflect the finished size of the pole banner. We will make any necessary adjustments for the hem & pockets.

PLEASE NOTE: There are two ways to discuss pole pocket sizes:
1. The diameter of the pole over which the pocket will fit, or
2. The flat-measure size of the pocket from the edge of the material to the bottom of the seam.

Our default Pocket size is 3" Flat-Measure. This will fit over a 1.25"-diameter pole.
If you require a special pole pocket size, please write in the desired pocket size, OR the diameter of the pole it needs to fit on in the Notes of your order, and we will be happy to accommodate your request.
Below is a chart showing coordinating pocket sizes and pole diameters.